What about a lunch on a meadow of flowers, with a basket full of cheese and local delicacies to taste surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites… This dream is our CheeseNic, your en plein air meal with farm-to-table ingredients available in all the restaurants, chalets and huts which are part of the Dolomites’ Cheeses Route.

Picnic with local products and cheese tasting (with cheeses from the Primiero cheese factory) in one of the most fascinating spot of the Dolomites. The event is organized in partnership with the Dolomites’ Cheeses Route with a special guest: Fabio Corona, chef of the Tognola Hut, who will exhibit a particular show cooking dedicated to Formai Frit, the traditional art of melting cheese according to an old local recipe!

Info & booking: Tel. 0439-68026 – mail: infopoint@tognola.it

San Martino di Castrozza, Alpe Tognola, 11.00 o’clock

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